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About me

Thomas Meyer is considered a pioneer in high-quality and unique Titanium eyewear. He draws on a sound education as a master optician from the HFAK in Cologne which allows him to set the right accents with this precious material. The emphasis is on in-house production and on: "Made in Germany"

True to the motto: "Form Follows Face", every piece of MEYER eyewear is a special highlight for its wearer. In Paris, as a designer, Thomas received an even sharper view of shapes and colors from Alain Mikli, the most uncompromising eyewear designer of his time. The label Philipp Starck was a subsidiary in the time of his technical leadership.
Thomas shares the enthusiasm for understatement with Mikli and follows the motto:
"You have to recognize the glasses by their style, not by their label."
The Meyer Eyewear collection exists since 2004. Titanium was the first choice, as this material is the best and most uncompromising for the production of eyewear.
The "SLS" polyamide collection has also enriched the range since 2015. Color and depth of form speak for themselves!
Since January 2024, the collection will be expanded to include the "thomas meyer" brand. An additional highlight is the anthracite-coloured DLC+ coating and the Ti6AL4V titanium laser-sintered hinge.

What was the decisive factor for the material titanium?
1.    Titanium is 43% lighter than stainless steel. Meyer frames weigh on average just 7 grams. Every wearer of glasses knows what benefit this offers. The lighter the glasses, the more enjoyable the wear.
2.    Titanium is biocompatible and allergy-free. It can be used even inside the body, for example for knee joints.
3.    Titanium is a precious and durable material.
The control center, the design center and the production areas of the Meyer Brillenmanufaktur are located in the state capital of Saarbrücken.

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